Blood Bowl is the game of fantasy football, developed by Games Workshop in the 1980’s but still played and loved by many today.

In the 90’s Belgium had several individual leagues playing in Oostende, Gent, Antwerpen, Leuven, Turnhout and many other places. All of these became “linked” in 2003 by the very first Belgian Blood Bowl tournament ever: the inaugural BrassBowl in Oostende.

BrassBowl took Belgian Blood Bowl to the next level as many coaches got interested in the international tournament scene. With several good tournaments on our doorstep (Dutch Open, Madhobbit Massacre, Bubble, Lutèce Bowl, ...) Belgium began on its rise on the international scene.

Along the way more tournaments rose in Flanders’ Fields: Flemish Foulfest, Oberonn Smack!, Massacre Day and Chainsaw Massacre are just a few out of  the wide selection and more are added every year.

To ensure that this growth gets supported the right way we believe an official regulatory organ was needed for different reasons: organizing the Belgian Championship, supporting team Belgium for Eurobowl, promoting Blood Bowl at different board game activities and/or clubs, organizing group purchase of shirts, badges and other giveaways, helping first time tournament organisers and many other things in which the Belgian Blood Bowl community can be helped or optimised.

So all in all this site is dedicated to everything that has something to do with Blood Bowl in Belgium. Hope you like it!

If you want to contribute to the website or add some information, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what can be done.

welcome to the belgian blood bowl federation!

Left: Blood Bowl Madness designed by Klier

Right top: Action @ Belgian Championship 2009

Right bottom: Tuernredvenom’s “finger of doom” tactics @ Eurobowl 2008 and Eurobowl 2008 team Belgium

Last updated on 9th of December 2009